Jack is 19 years old and just completed Crescendo’s Te Urunga (The Entrance) programme in June. Jack lives in South Auckland and enjoys most music on the radio, particularly hip-hop, reggae and gospel. He’s mostly inspired by NZ musicians – people from similar backgrounds and lifestyle to him making music.

After finishing High School, Jack was trying to figure out his path and direction, balancing what he enjoyed doing versus what he had to do. It was challenging not having a consistent schedule like at school and having more freedom would sometimes lead him astray. Despite being at University and working part-time, he often felt that he was not utilising his time in ways that were truly meaningful to him.

Jack’s passion was music – listening to music, dissecting songs, writing lyrics and raps to instrumentals. When Jack saw an ad on Facebook about Crescendo’s music programmes, he decided to register and explore a path in music.

Jack met his Crescendo mentors (Dave, Solly, Lui and Lomez) and his journey began. His mentors worked alongside him and inspired him through their own experiences and perspectives, each bringing a unique approach. Jack felt inspired and learnt how to apply himself in a creative context, contributing and pushing himself in a professional environment.

Not only has Jack made progress on his music journey, but importantly has gained so much confidence to try new things:

“I didn’t really talk to anyone about my passion for music but it was always a thought in the back of my mind. After completing Crescendo’s music mentoring programme, I’m taking away so much more confidence in my music. It’s something I can be proud of.  And has reminded me that I need to take time for my interests”.

Jack has grown a lot through the programme and felt that being part of something creative has supported his wellbeing.  It has been a great opportunity to reflect, recharge and contribute to something good.  Crescendo is not only a creative space – it’s a healing space.

Going forward, Jack now has the confidence to explore opportunities that align with his music. He wants to continue working in a creative environment to develop his songs. And he’s also mindful of creating balance in his life.

“I was nervous at first about my lack of music experience, but being here is not about that, it’s about having the right attitude to learn – you won’t know unless you do it”, 

If you’re interested in starting your music journey with Crescendo, check out Te Urunga programme and enrol here!

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