Warner Music Scholarship 2022 Update

Warner Music Scholarship Recipients 2022

We’re delighted to confirm our 2 student recipients for the Warner Music 2022 Scholarships

  • Rebecca Rice 
  • Kristiyan Kolarski

Planning is currently underway to work out how they will best use the scholarships to thrive in their future music careers. 

Rebecca and Kristiyan are very grateful for the scholarships and had this to say. 

Rebecca Rice:

“Dear Warner: Thank you so much for the kind donation, it really means a lot to be given this incredible opportunity, allowing me to pursue my passion.”

The talented Rebecca Rice hails from West Auckland and draws her musical inspiration from artists such as NIKI, Blanks, Queen and many more. Rebecca’s music echoes a heartfelt expression of her personal life experiences weaved into good storytelling and translated into beautiful melodic harmonies.

Kristiyan Kolarski: 

“I want to say thank you to the people at Warner and Crescendo for providing me with this opportunity. The pursuit for quality in music is something I still am aspiring to. I want the listener to be consumed by the experiences I release and with this opportunity, I am one step closer to successfully achieving this goal. Thank you, Warner, thank you Crescendo.”

Kristiyan Kolarski aka October Sewn is the stage name for singer/ songwriter/ producer Kristiyan Kolarski.

Born in Bulgaria and raised in New Zealand, October would be surrounded by music from a family of musicians from the start of his life. After 6 years of lessons, he’d sworn to never touch a piano again but it didn’t take long until he’d broken that promise and started producing a couple of years later.

Octobers’ sound mixes in elements from both film soundtracks and modern pop songs. With influences from The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Joji to Hans Zimmer, October has created a unique sound to bridge the cinematic and the mainstream. The melancholic artist has released 5 songs available on all platforms with his most recent “My Doubt” receiving high praise from award-winning artists and mentors Solomon Crook and Dave Atai.

After being contacted by Warner Music the artist is now taking his sound from his bedroom and into the studio in hopes to take the quality and cinematic experience of his music to the next level. October is looking to open up the eyes of the listener to a new synth-heavy, dystopian world of his creation.

If you’d like to help connect New Zealand youth with opportunities to learn the skills to thrive in the music industry then you can sponsor a student or contact us today.

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