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Joshuas’ Story Before Crescendo

Josh is 16 years old and is from Titirangi/Glen Eden in West Auckland. He was referred to Crescendo through Te Kura alternative education. Josh is a keen guitarist and enjoys creating songs and writing about his personal experiences. When he’s not making music on his guitar, he listens to rap, rock and chill guitar music.


Music Mentoring At The Right Time

When Josh arrived at Crescendo, he had just experienced a personal loss and was not really keen on putting himself out there. So, he reluctantly came to the programme. The Te Urunga music mentoring programme helped him to process how he was feeling. By the end he felt a lot better:

Student playing guitar with quote about making better choices


“Talking about the wellbeing stuff was really good timing for me; I have made mistakes and I can’t change that, but I have now learnt and grown to be a better person.”


Well-being Practices

Through the well-being practices, which are taught during the mentoring programme, Josh has learned new tools. These include how to process his emotions, and strengthen his resilience to build a positive future, despite the choices he has made in the past. Crescendo’s wellbeing programme is founded in the Maori health model Te Whare Tapa Whā, the four cornerstones of wellbeing:



Four pillars of wellbeing Maori

“I have increased my understanding of the four walls that create healthy balance. And if something wrong happens, I know to try to take time to breathe. I enjoyed the meditation and will probably do that more in life going forward. I feel more confident”

Crescendo’s mentors create a safe and accepting environment for students to share with each other and feel part of a group. Not only to improve their technical music skills but also to work through any personal challenges that may be causing difficulties in a young person’s life.

The Beginning Of A New Life

Professionally, Josh was inspired to record his music for the very first time. He is keen to learn more about it and signed up to further training. His goal going forward is to write and record his own songs with the guitar.

Inspiring Youth Stories

Hearing stories and learnings like these from our rangatahi inspires and energize us to achieve our mission.


If you are a parent/guardian or youth worker supporting a young person that is struggling with processing a change in their life, then consider referring or enrolling them in one of our programmes

*Names have been changed to protect students privacy

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