Audiobooks and Podcasts


It’s an exciting time for audiobooks as the demand for content is continually increasing. Publishers are working with clients to include an audio version of their book and self-producing is now a cost-effective option for producing and distributing your book. We work with Audiobooks NZ and book publishers to provide authors the complete production and distribution process. There are many pitfalls to  avoid when it comes to recording a quality-sounding product. We can help you with the following:

  • Planning and staging the recording of your book
  • Auditioning a narrator or guiding you on the narrating yourself
  • Developing additional foley/sound effects to connect your listener to the emotions
  • Mastering your file, making sure all the specifications are correct for hosting platforms


We make podcast production effortless by handling a part or the whole process from end-to-end. Podcasts are an effective, intimate form of storytelling and is very powerful for marketers. Whether you’re a small business just starting out with podcasting, a thought leader looking for new connections or a large national brand looking for a professionally produced series, we’ve got you covered. 

We can provide you with: 

  • The recording space
  • Filming of the episodes
  • Scheduling guests
  • Recording and editing to improve conversational flow
  • Advising on files to allow for advertising and hosting platforms
  • Hosting and facilitating podcasts on subject matter you require
  • Advising on distribution