Crescendo Studio is Auckland’s leading audiobook recording and editing studio. Our sound engineers work with narrators, authors and publishers to ensure top quality recording and to minimise post production editing time.

Crescendo work with Audiobook Producers and Production Agencies around NZ and Overseas where the narrator is in Auckland and can offer a seamless recording experience, wherever the producers. For independent authors and publishers, Crescendo work with Audiobooks NZ as our preferred Audiobook Production Partner.

What we offer:

  • We work with local and international publishers and authors to record, edit and proof audiobooks.
  • Crescendo’s Auckland based recording studio is NZ’s leading studio to record Audiobooks.
  • Have the author or producer in the studio or through zoom to give the narrator briefing and notes.
  • For authors wanting to self record, we offer narrator training, guidance and have recording booths to hire.
  • For publishers looking to audition narrators, we create narrator audition reels
  • For people wanting to become audiobook narrators we can help you create an audition reel.

Call us on 021 0902 7816, Email or fill in the enquiry form.

Examples of Work

These Audiobooks were produced by NZ Audiobooks and recorded on-site at the Crescendo Studio.

Elastic Island Adventures -Flip Flop Bay

Title: Elastic Island Adventures – Flip Flop Bay
Author: Karen McMillan
Narrator: Suzie Cato
Sound Engineer: 
Reece Muir, Crescendo Studio
Producer: Audiobooks NZ

From Great Snoring to Peaches and Pork

Title: From Great Snoring to Peaches and Pork
Author: Jenny Robin Jones
Narrator: Sharyn Morcom
Sound Engineer:
Reece Muir. Crescendo Studio
Producer: Audiobooks NZ

Kita Mean - Life in Lashes

Title: Life in Lashes – The Story of a Drag Superstar
Author: Kita Mean
Narrator: Kita Mean
Sound Engineer:
Reece Muir. Crescendo Studio
Producer: Audiobooks NZ

Blindingly Obvious

Title: Blindingly Obvious
Author: Minnie Baragwanath
Narrator: Minnie Baragwanath
Sound Engineer: 
Reece Muir, Crescendo Studio
Producer: Audiobooks NZ

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