The Way Through Podcast By Crescendo Studio

Funded through a generous grant from Recorded Music NZ.

Created for emerging musicians and producers, it aims to bring light to the many different roles there are in the music industry and the part each can play to support artists on their way through.

Each podcast episode is a conversation with an established professional in the NZ music industry from Music Managers, Producers, Musicians, Record Labels and PR agencies who share their experiences and give advice to those wanting to work in the field or how emerging artists can monetise what they do.

Hosted by veterans Dave Atai and Reece Muir from Crescendo Studio in Avondale Auckland, The Way Through is an informative and motivational podcast that provides insights and practical advice for those interested in pursuing a career in the music industry.

The Crescendo Podcast is live so you can listen on all major podcast platforms.

Latest Podcast Episode

Choice Vaughn Music Law

Episode 6: Music Production & Law

In this episode of “The Way Through” we are talking to Joel Tashkoff. Joel produces under the name Choice Vaughn and is both a Music lawyer and Music producer. We discuss how his music production journey crossed over into music Law, some tips on best practice in the industry, stories about collaboration going wrong (and right) and, what you need to level up your music game.

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This podcast is funded by Recorded Music NZ

Crescendo Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Just me or do I need a team?

In this episode legendary producer Greg Haver reflects on his career as a producer, lessons learned the hard way, the importance of contracts and realities of life as a producer. Available on all major podcast platforms.

Greg has produced hit albums for Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C, The Chills and Devilskin and is an executive of the Music Producers Guild NZ.

Funded by Recorded Music NZ

Episode 2: Self promotion and music labels

In episode 2, we chat to Joost Langeveld about where and when emerging artists should release their music and what should be considered in a release strategy. He also shares his career history, from musician to co-owner of a record label.

Joost is a musician, songwriter, producer, label owner and co-director of Bigpop Studio in Auckland. 

Funded by Recorded Music NZ

Paula from NicNak Media and Lil Sis PR

Episode 3: Music management and publicity

In episode 3, we chat to Paula Yeoman and Nicky Thomas  from NicNak Media. NicNak Media is an Auckland based record label offering PR and music management. Recently, they launched ‘Lil Sister’ – a one stop media and communications initiative catering to emerging and unsigned artists.

Listen as we chat to Paula and Nicky about the role of a music manager and ways to get your music noticed.

This podcast is funded by Recorded Music NZ

CEG Podcast Episode 4 Pati and Keegan

Episode 4: Rising stars - Sapati and Keegan

In today’s episode of ‘The Way Through’ we are talking with Keegan Tunks AKA Velveteen Shakes and Pati AF, both young artists, both have worked on music at Crescendo under the guidance of Dave Atai.

They share what they learnt from Crescendo Mentors and how they applied this as they started out in their independent careers. Both artists speak about the development of their musical genres, the challenges of making time to work on material, and the challenges of making money as an artist.

This podcast is funded by Recorded Music NZ

Noema from BigFan on The Way Through Podcast

Episode 5: Music education and production

In today’s episode of ‘The Way Through’ we are talking with Noema. During his time as a tutor at MAINZ he produced tracks for artists Alayna and Paige among others. Noema now manages the studio at Big Fan and continues to be a guiding figure in many artists careers.

Noema covers the evolving landscape of music education to the importance of mentorship in nurturing young talent. This episode provides valuable insights for aspiring musicians, producers, and anyone passionate about the world of music.

This podcast is funded by Recorded Music NZ

More episodes coming soon…

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