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By giving a little today, you can support Crescendo Trust to continue mentoring and educating, providing skills and opportunities to succeed.

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If you have professional experience and a passion for empowering young people we’d love to hear from you. We have opportunities for you to get involved from one-off workshops to ongoing full or part-time mentoring roles.

The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa provides programmes for young people that nurtures, empowers and gives lifelong skills through mentoring, personal development, and training in music across all genres. We work with over 200 young people each year and we need your support to keep our programmes going.

Our social media is a great place to follow our rangatahi’s journey. We use it as a space to promote our young people as well as a space to catch up on how we’re evolving as an organisation. Jump online, comment, follow and share.

Crescendo’s holistic approach to mentoring and empowering impacts now only the young person’s entire life but also everyone they touch, their whanau and their community. Your donation to us will live on through future generations.