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Crescendo Studio is a recording studio based in Avondale, Auckland. Our studio specialises in youth music production and people recording for the first time.  We will explain the recording process to you without jargon and team you up with an in-house producer/engineer to help you create the sound you are after. We record any genre, from rap and hip-hop to rock and solo artists. 

Work alongside Crescendo sound engineers to record, mix and master your songs. Whether you are rapping over a backing track, singing over music you have created, doing a live band recording or a singer needing session musicians to record, we can help.

We proudly record for Smokefree Rockquest and Play It Strange finalists and winners. 

Call Crescendo Studio today on 021 0902 7816 for a chat about your music recording project.

examples of work

Song: Too Close for Comfort
Written by: Kristiyan Kolarski
Produced by: Dave Atai
Mixed by: Dave Atai
Video by: Jost Claassen
Recorded at Crescendo Studio

Song: Dear Best Friend
Written by: Rebecca Rice
Produced by: Solomon Crook
Mixed by: Dave Atai
Video by Texas Shepherd
Recorded at Crescendo Studio

Song: Perfect Crime
For: SmokeFree Rockquest 2022
Produced by: Reece Muir
Mixed by: Reece Muir
Recorded at Crescendo Studio

Song: Loveaholic
For: Play It Strange 2022
Produced and mixed by: Reece Muir and Dave Atai
Recorded at Crescendo Studio

Get In Touch

Email or call Crescendo Studio on 021 0902 7816 to discuss your project requirements.


The cost to record a song depends on the time it takes to record and mix the song. When we price a recording, we take into account several factors to give you the best price. These include the type of music, number of instruments used, experience of the musicians, quality of production and any effects required.

The cost to record/mix is $75 per hour +GST to record with an in-house producer/engineer. For a band recording, allow 10 hours to record, mix and master each song.

If you are looking to record, get in touch and we will book a time to scope your recording. This includes asking you the band or music make-up and the experience of the artists. We will also ask for a rough recording of your song/s and some reference songs/music – which are songs or artists that sound similar to the sound you are wanting to achieve.

After this we will be able to provide you an estimate of time and costs.

Once you accept the estimate and pay a deposit, we will match you up with an engineer/producer and book a time to record.

Yes, we have discounted rates for youth and young people that have completed Crescendo Music Mentoring programmes.

We can be available to record evenings or weekends by arrangement.