Artist & Personal Development


1. Emerging Artists

Songwriting, production, recording, media, branding, audience development, airplay & chart success APRA, RMNZ, utilising social media for marketing.

2. EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Creation

Creating a package and making contacts for radio, who you are?, press release, logo, socials, website, videos, taking photos, how to make and engage contacts, forming a template/resume that grows with you, Interview techniques, maintaining relationships and staying front of mind, communication.

3. How to Sell Yourself

How to create a marketing plan, which platforms to use, how to create a content calendar, how to respond to negative feedback, what to do in an emergency, plan for the unexpected questions/comments, how often to post.

4. Events from an Artist's Perspective

When to do free gigs, invites/promo, performance, relationship building, being on to it, respect, realistic expectations, knowing your worth, look at your following.

5. Industry

Link up with special guest speakers, panel and/or performance talking about: career pathways, how to make money, crowd control, networking, building a rep.