Band School


1. Back to Basics

Key components & roles of a band, keeping in time, team/group etiquette and composure.

2. Emerging Artist

Packaging yourself, networking, setting up your business, publishing, royalties and copyrights.

3. How to Sell Yourself

How to create a marketing plan, which platforms to use, how to create a content calendar, how to respond to negative feedback, what to do in an emergency, plan for the unexpected questions/comments, how often to post.

4. Let's Get Technical

Setup (with Industry Professional), learning more about your band's setup/tech sheet/rider, admin and why it’s important, creating a band bio/resume.

5. Advanced Recording Techniques

Learning to use DAW (Digital Audio Workstations).

6. Industry

Link up with special guest speakers, panel and/or performance talking about: career pathways, how to make money, crowd control, networking, building a rep.