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Start a podcast with Crescendo Studio.  Crescendo are Auckland’s leading podcast recording and production studio. Create your podcast with Crescendo. Get in touch today.

We can help with the whole process from recording to music, transitions and editing. Whether you are looking to start a podcast for your friends, a small business, charity or community group looking to make a professional quality podcast or looking for a full service podcast production – we have solutions to suit all budgets. 

We also offer 1-1 podcast sessions for people or groups that want to start a podcast, but need help or have questions. These start from $150 for 2 hours. More info here.

Call Crescendo today on 021 189 1046, email or fill in the form below to discuss your podcast ideas.

Examples of Work

Podcast Production Auckland

Basic Podcast – Self Edit

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to upgrade the quality of your exisiting podcast, Crescendo can help you on your podcasting journey. 

Self record package – 
Record in podcast studio, audio file clean up – do own editing:(From $135+GST)

  • Two hours recording time allocated at Crescendo’s podcast studio. 
  • Studio setup for up to four guests including microphone / headphone setup and adjusting levels.
  • Set up tripods for video recording if required.
  • Set up Zoom calls for any external guests.
  • Audio file clean-up to remove background noises, adjust levels so all speakers are at same levels, de’ssss’ the sticky sounds, adjust volumes to meet podcast distributers guidelines.

New Podcast Package

If you are a small business or looking to start a professional podcast with friends, Crescendo can guide you to creating your podcast from idea to distribution.

New Podcast package –
(First episode $400+GST, additional episodes $300+GST)

  • Podcast planning and briefing form.
  • Speaking tips and guidance for podcast host.
  • Two hours recording time in podcast studio. 
  • Recording of podcast intro and music.
  • Video setup (1 camera) for recording if required.
  • Set up Zoom calls for any external guests.
  • Post production audio clean and mastering.
  • Provision of audio transcripts to mark editing notes.
  • 1 .5 hours of podcast edits and revisions. 

Discounts available for charities and community groups. 

From hiring a podcast studio and self recording to 1-1 recording lessons or a full production end-to-end service, we can work out a solution to match your budget. 

Get in touch with us below to discuss recording your podcast in Auckland at Crescendo Studio.

Make an Enquiry

Call Crescendo Studio on 021 189 1046, or email  to find out how we can help you with your podcast project

podcast recording at Crescendo Studio

Podcast Workshops and Lessons

1-1 Podcast Lessons

These podcast workshops are perfect for people that are wanting to start a podcast at home, but need guidance on how to get the best sound. 

Lessons are taken by an experienced audio engineer and are practical and hands-on.

How to start a podcast – 2 hours $150 +GST

  • Learn how to record in the studio or learn how to use your own podcast equipment to get the best results.
  • Get advise on the best microphones and recording equipment to purchase.
  • Get guidance on podcast hosting and speaking into a microphone.
  • Learn how to edit podcasts 

Podcast Workshops

If you look after a group of youth (or adults) and want to learn how to make a podcast – by making a podcast get in touch.

Workshop prices depend on the number of workshops and size of the group.

We run workshops for youth groups, school groups and community groups that cover:

  • Planning a podcast
  • Script writing
  • Fundamentals of recording
  • Editing podcasts
  • Podcast Distribution
Get in touch on for more info. We can provide quotes and testimonials for funding applications.