We know how critical it can be to get the right sound the first time you record. Our studio is equipped with all of the specs you require to produce your projects. Equipped with a analogue and digital gear our aim is to provide the best recording solution for your project. We provide a relaxed, creative atmosphere with great facilities and state of the art equipment. We can record in the studio or come to you with the best equipment to capture your sound right the first time.

Mixing and Mastering

Once you have tracked your sound the next step is mixing and mastering. 

Mixing involves adjusting and combining individual tracks into a stereo or multichannel format, also known as the “mix”.

Mastering involves processing your mix into its final form so that it’s ready for distribution, which may include transitioning and sequencing.With the experience and knowledge of our accomplished engineers and our state of the art equipment, Crescendo audio engineers deliver mixing and mastering of unsurpassed quality. 


We specialise in high quality mixing and mastering. Our expertise spans all genres. We do not apply a one size fits all approach, rather we develop unique products for the ultimate listening experience.