podcast lessons auckland

Learn how to get your podcast started with the team at Crescendo Studio.  

We can help you with podcast planning, scripting, recording, intros, editing and distribution. The great thing about 1-1 lessons is that you can learn what you want at a pace that suits. Come prepared with your questions. 

We can help with all stages of the process:

– Podcast planning 
– Choosing guests
– How to script a podcast
– Setting up to record at home / recording in a studio
– Editing your sound files
– Creating intros and outros 
– Music, transitions and sound design 
– How to upload your podcast to streaming platforms

Sessions are $150+GST for 2 hours for 1 – 3 people. 
Fill in the form below to book your session, email studio@crescendo.org.nz or call Joanne on 021 189 1046. 

Make a Booking

Call Crescendo Studio on 021 189 1046, or email studio@crescendo.org.nz  to book your 2 hour personalised podcast lesson.