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Crescendo Trust offer fully funded youth mentoring programmes that focus on creative industries, music and wellbeing. If you know a rangatahi who is stuggling or disadvantaged then please complete our referral forms. Then we’ll get in touch about how our industry leading musicians and audio techs can work with your students to pass on skills, inspire or mentor talent.

Music Programme Referrals Auckland

Crescendo don’t just work with budding musicians wanting to make their mark. We also work with disadvantaged and struggling rangatahi. These include rangatahi that are NEET (Not In Education, Employment or Training) or have been through a challenging upbringing and need to process this through the healing power of music. 

Crescendo aims to provide creative learning experiences that enhance the wellbeing of students and ākonga and develop their knowledge and skills in communication, collaboration, and creative thinking and practice.  More about the Crescendo programmes is on the Ministry of Education website and our music programmes page


Music Programmes Benefits

Rangatahi have reported various improvements after attending our programmes. 


Rangatahi work as a group to advance their music production and group colloboration skills. 

85% of our students went on to return to education, enter employment or enrol in further training. 


Voice of Former Tauira


Crescendo interview students at the start, middle and end of programmes to ensure the programmes are achieving the goals of the student and referrer. Here are some prior students stories.
Joshua, 16 years old
Zara, 15 years old
InDuna, TBC

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