Our Audio Engineers and Broadcast Specialists

Crescendo Studio Audio Engineer David Atai

David Atai

Growing up, I wanted to become a race car driver, or drive big trucks. So far, I've been a guitarist, music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, performing artist, in events management, sound design, performed all over the world with my mates (and got paid for it), worked with and learnt from some of the greatest musicians and engineers in the world, won so many awards for my music that I've forgotten most of them, and so on and so on... I didn't really know, until I actually started doing something. But I didn't just do that one thing. I tried everything to do with that thing, and it led me down multiple pathways throughout my life, allowing me to make a living off something I was passionate about and actually loved doing.

Chip Matthews session musician

Chip Matthews

I remember the first chord I was taught. It was an Emajor. My dad showed me as I sat on his lap on a chair in the lounge. I remember my first song I learned on bass. It was “That song is driving me crazy” in Dmajor. I was 8 years old. Since then, music and I have largely been inseparable. It is an extension of my being, and has been there in good times and bad. Music has the power to motivate, inspire, to make your soul feel uplifted, to be the literal soundtrack to your life. My role as Youth and Programme Manager is to help implement a range of programmes designed for rangatahi at different stages in their relationship with music. These go hand in hand with a strong commitment to wellbeing, and the courses at Crescendo will have components dedicated to this as we seek to help our tauira develop not just as musicians, but as people.

Lewis Tagaloa

Lewis Tagaloa

Lewis (Lui) Tagaloa is an upcoming artist, who draws and reflects on himself as a person and his community. His love and passion for music was installed in him as a child but it grew overtime. Originally he was great at acting/performing arts where he won a lot of local school awards from early childhood days out to college and university. But many didn't know he had a vision and challenge set before him in music. From working with young kids through to college kids, Lui has always served others and related to many around his own community and further beyond his own area. It's his story telling to share things that are heart hitting with personal stories about his life plus others, or hard hitting, rhymes, schemes, and melodic beats. This allows his music to be a canvas of reflection and hope for the community.


Solomon Crook

Solomon has been working in the New Zealand music industry for the past 6 years. During this time he has studied Commercial Music at Massey (Wellington), performed across NZ opening for international acts as well as putting on his own shows, worked as a producer for his own music as well as other artists and facilitated a life in music exploring many of the other roles in the industry including PR, events and management.

Crescendo Studio Broadcast Specialist Riccardo Ball​

Riccardo Ball​

Riccardo is passionate about broadcasting and has been working in the radio industry for 25 years and filled nearly every role there is including Breakfast Announcer, Music Director, Producer, Promotions Manager and Journalist. As a mentor with Rawkus Radio and CTOA he works with people new to the industry and helps them develop the tools they’ll need if they want to pursue a career in the wider radio world. Riccardo also balances this mentoring and educating with overseeing the running of the station. Creatively driven, he also consults with bands, works as a radio plugger and has produced and arranged tracks for commercial Rock radio, on top of that he fronts his own band Just One Fix.

Crescendo Studio Audio Engineer Dave Rhodes

Dave Rhodes

For the last 6 years I have been Studio Manager at Depot Sound Recording Studio in Devonport, where I have honed my productions skills by working with a wide variety of bands including The Warratahs, Push Push, Head Like a Hole, and Hamilton County Bluegrass Band. Prior to this I spent 8 years working at Stebbing Recording Studios where I learnt from some of New Zealand’s top engineers and had the pleasure of recording music for Six60, Topp Twins, Hollie Smith, John Rowles, Shane, and many more. Back in the ‘90s and into the mid 2000’s I spent 9 years working for Pagan/Antenna records where I made NZ music radio programs for commercial radio while working alongside Tadpole, Darcy Clay, Pluto, Voom and other bands on the label.

Crescendo Studio Audio Engineer Greg Davis

Greg Davis​

I have been involved in music since I was 4, my grandmother directed musicals and I loved being apart of them. I went to Wintec to do a Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Music Production), after which I started teaching at Te Wananga O Aotearoa for a year, teaching a diploma of contemporary Maori music. I started working for College Hill full time and when available worked with Alternative Education (AE). I was thrown in the deep end and put on tour with Blindspott on monitors, from then the roll on effect was crazy, I worked with Nesian Mystik, Elemeno P, Shihad, along with internationals Deep Purple, Motorhead, D12, DJ Shadow, too many to mention. Recently I have pulled back from touring to raise my own family and work full-time with AE and part-time at Crescendo.


Crescendo Studio Founder Marcus Powell

Marcus Powell

Growing up I had many pathways available to me. Some good, some not so good. As a young teen in a successful band I didn't always make good choices. However, I was fortunate enough to have certain adult role models in my life who stood out and supported me. So, when I reflect back on those years, I can clearly see those available choices and hope to inspire positive change in our young people. Crescendo allows us to develop our young people from a heart space. I truly believe that if we ensure their happiness, safety, well-being and value sets are cared for, their pathways will be chosen with more clarity and thoughtfulness.​

Crescendo Studio Operations Team Member Catherine Percy

Catherine Percy

Catherine (Cat) joined the Crescendo team in 2017 bringing a background of small business development and social enterprise growth. Cat had a career in the for-profit space in Sydney in property acquisition and development, project and property management. In 2015, having built up substantial experience, she was now ready to follow her heart into the not-for-profit space. She joined a growing social enterprise in Sydney which focused on empowering young adults with a disability. When she moved to New Zealand in 2017, she was attracted to the work Crescendo was doing as she believes strongly in empowering people by helping them realise their own potential. Cat works with the Crew to ensure Crescendo has a sustainable impact with our rangatahi, community and within the Crew itself.​

Crescendo Studio Operations Team Member Denise Wedding

Denise Wedding

Denise’s journey began in business studies at Massey University and finding a path that provided financial stability and safety in a world with too many unknowns. It became clear though that this wasn’t a fit for her when it began to hugely conflict with her inner calling. Instead Denise followed her love of plants and medicine to be a part of a community that wanted to care for and help people be well. The form that captured her heart was the Hawaiian Kahuna massage, a merging of shamanism, spirituality, healing and energy work. Denise is currently working in the Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa to create a wellness culture and medium to bring various physical/mental and emotional supports to the CTOA family.

Crescendo Studio Operations Team Member Anise Elliot-Neilson

Anise Elliott-Neilson

As BDM for Crescendo I come to work everyday to grow the work we do, so we can maximise the impact we make. Endlessly curious, I am excited about getting to know our clients, sponsors and partners so I can support sound design, events and audio products and services that everyone loves. I bring to every interaction a broad background in corporate services and an education in politics and social development. Having recently joined Crescendo, I am inspired by the talented youth in our music and events mentoring programmes who, despite complicated lives, are so excited to create and express themselves. My goal at Crescendo is to get as many businesses supporting our mission by choosing us for their audio engineering, recording and sound design needs.