With the support of our funders and partners, we make a life-changing impact by engaging rangatahi/young people through sound to inspire creative expression and engagement in goal-setting to help shape brighter futures in our communities. This is made possible through donations from generous Kiwis, philanthropic businesses, corporate sponsors and our social enterprise arm: Crescendo Studio.

 We provide support via an asset-based model which allows rangatahi to be the drivers of their own development. As a result, we are nurturing and growing empowered rangatahi that demonstrate self-confidence and self-agency, increased trust in others and pride in their ability to identify their unique gifts. We strongly believe that anyone, given the right environment, encouragement and support can flourish into the best version of themselves. 

Our impact goals

We regularly measure the success of our programmes to ensure they are meeting our impact goals. This includes establishing a baseline by surveying our students on day one of the programme, regularly checking in with our rangatahi to monitor feedback during and asking for feedback before they graduate and transition to their next step.