Our Services

Our engineers are the best in the game. We have a range of skills across the creative industries to input into any scale media project. Our young people get to learn about these processes and all profits go back into providing them with mentoring. 

Our Services

Sound Design and Foley

Our industry professionals create soundtracks and do post-production audio for a variety of needs. We take your brief and deliver quality work.

Audiobooks and Podcasts

We partner with Audiobooks NZ, podcast producers and book publishers to provide our clients with the complete production and distribution process.

Hire a Space

Our sound treated vocal booths, control room, radio room and podcast stations are all equipped with the latests gear and are available for hire. 

Music Production

You have access to award winning musicians or who as audio engineers can help you record, mix and master the best version of your music.

Audio Post

We help you with post-production sound recording, music composition, mixing or licencing for all forms of multimedia. 

Youth Programmes

Crescendo’s programmes focus on a range of sound, performance, writing, event management and radio broadcasting courses .