Crescendo is a music and recording studio based in Auckland. With over 20 years experience, we specialise in sound design services for local and international productions. From audiobooks, podcasts, film & television to gaming, advertising and media, our clients range from big corporate brands to individuals working on personal projects. 

More importantly, we are a social enterprise. This means all of the profit from our work goes back into our mentoring programmes for youth aged 15-24. 

Our clients know that they are getting ‘industry best’ with our expert team of audio engineers as well as giving back to our communities. 

Crescendo Studio mentoring programmes focus on music, radio and event management, where our young people are able to directly engage and connect with industry professionals. Crescendo Te Urunga (social impact hub) is a space for young people to express themseleves and join the whanau of support.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Crescendo Vision:  Empowered NZ youth with a strong sense of self and the courage to make positive decisions for their future. 

Crescendo Mission: To engage rangatahi through sound, creating positive futures in our community.

Crescendo Pou: Industry, self-sustaining, healing and whānau. 

Crescendo Values:

      • Aroha – Love and respect
      • Mana – relates to power, dignity and respect
      • Titiro, whakarongo, kōrero – to look, listen, and then speak
      • He kanohi kitea – being a familiar face
      • Manaakitanga – describes sharing, hosting and being generous
      • Māhaki – showing humility when sharing knowledge
      • Whakawhanaungatanga – refers to the building and maintenance of relationships
Our Pou Industry, Self-sustaining, Healing, whanau

Experience Crescendo

The best way to get to know us is to reach out. We are here for rangatahi, youth development services, funders, corporate sponsors, donors, businesses and our community. 

Contact us to find out how we can support you.