Open DAW

Digital audio workstation.


1. Intro to DAW (Logic Pro X)

The arrange window, tempo, time signatures, metronome BPM, creating new tracks, sound-modules (VST, digital instruments, plugins), real time and step-by-step MIDI programming sequences, transposing, adjusting velocities, real time and step-by-step audio recording, stacking, drummer track, natural vs. contemporary, producers, adjustment tools.

2. Basic Mixing Techniques

Navigating the mixer, creating busses, bus groups & sends, mixing techniques, EQ, FX & compression basics, gain staging, master bus limiting, creating your own loops.

3. Recording Live Bands

Link-Up with Band School.

4. Industry

Link up with special guest speakers, panel and/or performance talking about: career pathways, how to make money, crowd control, networking, building a rep.