Voice-overs and audio Recording

Crescendo Studio is Auckland’s leading voice over and audio recording studio. For beginners or experienced voice artists, Crescendo can guide you through the process from script to finished audio. Self record or record with our in-house sound engineer. 
Record in Crescendo’s voice-over studio with a producer in studio, or we can set up a remote link for out of town producers. 

We work with production companies, advertising agencies and businesses Nationwide.

If you want music or sound effects added to the recording, our audio engineers can add music, sound effects and foley.

Call us on 021 0902 7816, Email studio@crescendo.org.nz or fill in the enquiry form.

Services Include:

    • Voice-overs for animation
    • ADR recordings
    • Voice-overs for training videos and training guides
    • Voice recordings for telephone system menus
    • Recordings for museum audio-guides and walking tours
    • Voice-overs for apps
    • Voice-overs for real estate videos
    • Audio ads for podcasts and radio
    • Multi-language recording
    • Transcripts for audio
We also provide quotes for grant funding applications, or if you have a limited budget or have a long term project – can offer you training to be able to self-record at our studio.


Canon Brand Story

Project: Canon Business – Brand Story
Client: Canon NZ
Sound Engineer: Reece Muir, Crescendo Studio
Concept: Short brand video created for social media to showcase Canon’s brand values and point of difference. 

Hope Zoo

Project: Hope Zoo
Client: I am Hope
Talent: BigMouth Voices
Sound Engineer: Reece Muir, Crescendo Studio
Concept: Interactive website for children to explore various emotions, learning how they might manifest and why they can be beneficial. Voices recorded in English and Te Reo. 

Walk the Walk

Project: Auckland Stories – Walk the Walk
Client: New Zealand Fashion Museum
Sound Engineer: Reece Muir, Crescendo Studio
Concept: Developed by the New Zealand Fashion Museum, Walk the Walk is an App of walking tours designed to reveal the traces that remain of Auckland’s inner city fashion history. 


Project:  HAAAA Polynesian Mediation App
Client: Feel Technologies
Sound Engineer: David Atai, Crescendo Studio
Concept: The HAAAA App is a first of a kind Polynesian meditation platform, housing guided meditations and voice over artists narrating in your choice of Cook Island, Samoan, Tongan, Tahitian, Hawaiian and Māori. 

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Email studio@crescendo.org.nz by filling out the form below or phone on 021 0902 7816 to enquire about voice-over and audio recording projects.

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